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Early mornings and late afternoons a handful of colourful fishing boats puff through Kampot, on their way to or from the ocean. The river, Kampong Bye River, runs from Teuk Chou Rapids via Kampot town to the Gulf of Thailand, about 15 kilometers in length.

Kampot fishing boats
Kampot fishing boats

The setting is stunning with the Elephant Mountain Range in the background, mangroves upriver and small villages dotted around. The best time of day to cruise the river is late afternoon, when temperatures drop and birds become more active.

The sun sets behind the Elephant Mountains, at times turning the river a shade of red, purple or fuchsia.

Spectacular Kampot sunset
Spectacular Kampot sunset

Boat trips are popular, and there are a couple of different options to choose from:

Daily boat trips

Various boats leave from just outside Rikitikitavi at 4:00pm. Despite being called ‘sunset cruises’ these no frills boat trips are usually back just before sunset. Expect to pay around US$5 per person for the 1.5 hour trip.

Boatman Bart

Belgian Bart takes you along to his favourite place on earth, and shows you beautiful nature and when possible birdlife.

Boat trip in Kampot
Boat trip in Kampot

See the fishing boats depart, go for a swim and watch the sunset.
Bart only offers private trips for US$40 for 1 or 2 people; US$54 for 3 people; US$72 for 4 people or US$80 for 5 people (3 hours, max. 5 people).

Boatman Bart
Boatman Bart

Bart the Boatman by Adri van der Vliet ~ Thank you!

Firefly boat trips

Experience nature’s own light show by watching fireflies buzz around.


Evening time boat trips are on offer between US$20 and US$35 for a private boat. A daily 2 hour boat trip now also leaves at 6:30pm, the cost is US$8 per person. Fireflies are not around all year – unfortunately their cycle seems unpredictable.
To have the best chance of a beautiful experience, we recommend booking as late as possible.

Brand new Kampot Firefly River Tours offer moonlight and firefly cruises each night at 7:30pm and at 9:30pm. The tours last about 90 minutes and cost US$6 per person.

Private boat hire

It is possible to hire a private boat, which sets you back US$20 for 3 hours. No English spoken.

Other water fun

There is no need to sit back and relax – if you feel like a bit of exercise, you could hire a canoe or a paddle board up-river. Paddle through the mangroves, have a swim or find some of the hidden river beaches.

* We organise all tours and transport for our in-house guests without charging commission.

by Rikitikitavi


  1. Nik said on 27 December, 2013

    Hi – are the firefly tours running in January 2014?


  2. Shay said on 21 January, 2014

    Did the fire flies boat trip last night. Amazingly beautiful. 21-01-2014

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