Transport from Sihanoukville to Kampot

The coastal town of Sihanoukville (or Kampong Sohm in Khmer language) is relatively close to Kampot. The 110 km distance is usually covered in about 2 hours, although more if you decide to travel by shared taxi or minivan. For any transport arrangements, ask your guesthouse or hotel to help you, or stop by at Ana Tours and Travel on Serendipity Beach Road in Sihanoukville. (October 2012 & April 2013 & December 2014: their website is currently under construction, but you can email them at

The trip from Sihanoukville to Kampot is a pleasant one: the scenery is beautiful and the road surface is pretty good for Cambodian standards. although potholes have started to appear/the road is currently in terrible condition along National Road 3 between Veal Rinh and Kampot. The few potholes you encounter are forgettable along this trip, as you will find yourself driving through a very nice part of Cambodia. The Domrai (elephant) mountains, part of the Cardamom mountain range and home of Bokor Hill Station are on the left, the ocean on the right. You travel past some interesting fishing villages, some of which produce fish sauce: let your nose be your guide.

Sihanoukville to Kampot by taxi

Private taxi

Private taxis are easily arranged by your accommodation in Sihanoukville. The current price for a one-way trip from Sihanoukville to Kampot is about US$35, this is excluding any stops along the way. Expect to pay more during important festivals and holidays. By private taxi, the trip takes roughly 1.5 2 hours. A private taxi ensures a door-to-door trip: you are being picked up from your accommodation and dropped of at our doorstep if requested.
For guests who are flying to Sihanoukville Airport from Siem Reap we can arrange taxi pick-ups for the same rate.

Shared taxi

Shared taxis can be found opposite Psar Leu as well as at the downtown taxi/bus station in Sihanoukville. You pay per seat, but keep in mind that a regular Toyota Camry offers seating to 6 or 7 people: 4 people on the back seat, 2 on the front passenger seat and possibly an extra passenger on the drivers’ seat. It is possible to reserve double seats – having the front seat to yourself would mean paying for 2 seats.

shared taxi in Cambodia
overloaded shared transport in Cambodia
Shared taxis only leave when full, which is fastest early morning. A shared taxi trip usually takes a lot longer than a private taxi trip due to numerous stops. When budgeting, be aware that shared taxis travel from taxi stand to taxi stand, and that you will have to arrange your transport to and from these taxi stands.

Sihanoukville to Kampot by bus

The availability of bus services between Sihanoukville and Kampot has been an on/off affair for years. Right at this moment, all bus services have been suspended. I will keep you posted if the situation changes (again).

Giant Ibis Transport

Giant Ibis Transport
This brand new service offers high quality buses, in-bus services such as a snack and cold towel and a direct trip to Kampot. They depart Sihanoukville daily at 9:00am and 3:30pm. Tickets cost US$9 for the 2 hour one-way trip.
Giant Ibis Transport

Sihanoukville to Kampot by minivan

Private minivan

The hire of a private minivan to take you from Sihanoukville to Kampot currently sets you back about US$70.00. Expect to pay more when traveling on public holidays, when traveling from Otres Beach in Sihanoukville and when not traveling during the morning or early afternoon.
Contact Ana Tours and Travel for more information, or ask your accommodation to help you organise a private minivan.

Shared minivan

There are several minibus services covering the stretch of road – all are offering roughly the same service. The cost of a ticket is averaging on US$5 per person. Drivers need to make ends meet, so they will get as many package deliveries and passengers as possible.

overloaded minivan in Cambodia
top-loaded minivan in Cambodia For a comprehensive report on what to expect from a typical minivan trip, please read Tristan’s blog post.

Arranging your transport

As a rule of thumb, your accommodation in Cambodia should be able to arrange any onward transport. Please be aware that the information above is purely meant as a guide.
We keep our web posts as up to date as possible, but we apologise and hope for your understanding that we are unable to answer all questions we receive regarding transport.
It goes without saying that we are more than happy to assist our in-house guests arranging their onward transport to Sihanoukville as well as arranging private taxi pick ups from Sihanoukville airport.

(The prices on this page are used as indications only and may vary)

by Rikitikitavi


  1. Andrew said on 1 February, 2015

    So there are no buses running from Sville to Kampot or kep?? was is the best way to get to either?

    • Rikitikitavi

      Rikitikitavi said on 1 February, 2015

      Hi Andrew,
      I am really sorry, there are still no public buses since my latest update. I am aware that the options are limited, but how about the other forms of transportation I mention above (private/shared taxi, private/shared minivan)? Perhaps your accommodation in Sihanoukville may be able to assist you in arranging your transport. Safe travels, and please pop by at Rikitikitavi for the best cocktails and food in town if you are on the riverfront in Kampot at some point 🙂