May 2012

Kampot weather forecast

Cambodia enjoys a tropical climate. The rainy, monsoon season lasts from May to October. From November to February is the cold-dry season, and the hot-dry season lasts from March to May. go to the weather forecast

18th century map of Kampot

Kampot historical maps

Over the last couple of years, a number of old maps of Kampot have appeared on the internet. Here is a nice selection of them.

Khmer lady

The people of Cambodia

Despite their recent tragic history, the Khmer are a welcoming and cheery bunch. They love striking up conversations and find out all about you. It’s time to find out a bit more about them…

Tokay Gecko baby

Tokay Gecko

Tokay Gecko (Gekko gecko), a nocturnal gecko. The Tokay Gecko is indigenous to Asia, parts of India, Indonesia, and the Philippines, they have also been introduced to Hawaii, Florida, and some Caribbean Islands. Their native habitat is rainforest trees and … discover more about the Tokay Gecko

Kampot prison


Kampot is home to a striking collection of French colonial architecture dating from the end of the 19th century and the start of the 20th century. It is a pleasure walking around this quiet town. Bring along your camera as there are plenty of photo opportunities … read more about Kampot’s architecture