September 2012

Khmers watching TV

Television and radio

Media is still a luxury service in Cambodia. Whereas you will find that a large number of Phnom Penh dwellers will have their own TV, in rural Cambodia a TV is still a treat and can be found in little road side stalls where people gather and watch karaoke or sports… read more about Cambodia’s tv and radio

Cambodia internet


Facts and figures about internet in Cambodia including the use of internet cafes and availability of Wifi in the country. continue reading about internet in Cambodia

tip money

Tipping and bargaining

Learn all about the traditions and customs on tipping, bargaining and alms in Cambodia including some useful tips and Cambodian language. Tipping and bargaining in Cambodia



Details on banking in Cambodia with details on opening hours, services offered, changing money, exchange rates and more. continue reading about bank services in Cambodia

power lines


Details on the electricity in Cambodia, including electrical system, plugs, outlets, adapters and power cuts. electricity in Cambodia

pka rumdoul

National symbols of Cambodia

Each country has their natural icons. Here you can find an overview of Cambodia’s national tree, flower, fruit, fish, reptile, bird and mammal. continue reading about Cambodia’s natural icons


Cambodia is located close to the equator; between 10 to 13 degrees north, and enjoys a tropical climate, with warm to hot temperatures. The annual monsoon cycle alternates wet and dry seasons. The monsoon usually kicks off gently in May, has a peak in July, August and September … read about Cambodia’s climate

Cambodian flag

Cambodia, the Country

Accustomed to having been an outstanding civilisation, a prosperous, large, flourishing and glorious nation, with high prestige radiating like a diamond,
Having declined grievously during the past two decades, having gone through … learn more about Cambodia, the country

countryside Cambodia


Cambodia is a land of paddies and forests dominated by the Mekong River and Tonle Sap.
Cambodia is located in South-East Asia. Cambodia is bordered by Thailand to its northwest, Laos to the northeast and Vietnam on its eastern side. The Cambodian southeast coastline is situated on the Gulf of Thailand. continue reading