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Hospitals and clinics

Cambodia’s medical facilities are still very basic. Private clinics are certainly preferred over state-run hospitals, although the latter are certainly improving the quality of their services.
As local health care deals with tropical ailments on a daily basis, they are usually able to treat (or refer) you sufficiently.

Sonja Kill Memorial Hospital

At the entrance of Bokor National Park, housed in a stunning building and with equally stunning views, the brand new Sonja Kill Memorial Hospital opened its doors in April 2012. They offer high quality medical services. Non emergencies are treated between 8am and 4pm Monday to Friday and between 8am and 3pm on Saturday and Sunday. In-patient and emergency treatment are available 24/7.
The hospital is located near the entrance road to Bokor NP on National Road 3 at about 8km from Kampot.
The receptionist of the hospital can be contacted on +855 77 666 752.

Visit the Sonja Kill Memorial Hospital website.

Sonja Kill Memorial Hospital
Sonja Kill Memorial Hospital’s idyllic location

Bokor Clinic

Bokor Clinic offers more basic facilities. An English speaking doctor is on call for serious emergencies 24/7. Bokor Clinic is located on the road that runs from the riverside road in Kampot to the produce market.

Emergency evacuation

For serious medical treatment, you may have to travel to Bangkok, Singapore or even your home country. We strongly advice to purchase a medical insurance which includes emergency evacuation – ask your insurance advisor for options in your country.


There are a couple of pharmacies dotted around Kampot.
The pharmacist at the Durian roundabout (inside convenience store Sok San, two doors down from ‘Heng Dy’) speaks some English and are open daily until mid-evening.
Medicine are sold over the counter, a prescription is not necessary.

Read more about medicine on our Basic Health Advise for Cambodia post.


The Buddhist Library Dental Aid Project is funding a dental clinic near Kbal Romeas (about 6km from Kampot). Read more about the Buddhist Library Dental Aid Project

For more serious dental work you will have to travel to Phnom Penh. IMI on Street 208 in Phnom Penh has a Khmer dentist trained in Denmark, and has modern equipment.


For cheap and quick prescription glasses, see Da Lin south-east of the Durian Roundabout. For contact lens fluid, see the pharmacy at the central roundabout.

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