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Transport from Sihanoukville to Kampot

The coastal town of Sihanoukville (or Kampong Sohm in Khmer language) is relatively close to Kampot. The 110 km distance is usually covered in about 2 hours, although more if you decide to travel by shared taxi or minivan. transport from Sihanoukville

Royal Ploughing Ceremony

Events & Public Holidays

An overview of the most important annual Cambodian events and public holidays. view Cambodian holiday overview

50 riel note


The Cambodian currency is called ‘riel’. This currency happily coexists with the US dollar, which is used for larger transactions. Read all about currency in Cambodia

mobile phones


Useful facts and information on telecommunications in Cambodia, including tips on how to call to and from Cambodia and having your own mobile phone and local sim card. read about telecommunications in Cambodia


Transport from Koh Kong to Kampot

The 265km drive from Koh Kong to Kampot is a particularly pleasant one, the newly paved road 48 (a bit patchy in places) curves through the Cardamom mountain range and its lush rainforest. All bridges along this… transport from Koh Kong

Cambodian visa stamp


When traveling to Cambodia, a visa to the country is a requirement. Learn about the various ways of obtaining such a visa, as well as cost, validity and requirements. Tell me all about it

Kampot map detail 2013

Kampot current maps

To help you find your way in current Kampot and its surroundings, we have created a full colour A4 map especially for our guests. Have a look at these great maps of Kampot.

Khmer ancient script

Learn Khmer

Learn how to speak basic Cambodian language (Khmer) – useful words and phrases for when you are visiting Cambodia. learn more about the Cambodian language

Health services in Kampot

The arrival of a state of the art hospital in the Kampot area has vastly improved the health care in Kampot. Read more about health services in Kampot

Diseases & vaccinations for Cambodia

Disease & Vaccinations

No vaccinations are officially required for entry to Cambodia, although some are encouraged. Whether mosquito-, food-, water- or bodily fluid-borne: read more about diseases and vaccinations for Cambodia