Buddhist Library Dental Aid Project in Kampot

Your Aid Dental Aid Project

After the Pol Pot regime, Cambodia was practically without dentist. In 2009, Dr. Cecilia So shook hands with Paget Sayers from the Buddhist Library (YourAid) and vowed to improve the situation. Would you like to help?

ChildSafe Cambodia


When traveling to Cambodia it is easy to become overwhelmed by the situation of children. How to take action, while avoiding situations or actions that may lead to child exploitation. Certain ‘tourist attractions’ such as orphanage tours exploit children’s vulnerabilities. Read advise on visiting orphanages

Teuk Chhou tiger

Teuk Chhou Zoo

Teuk Chhou Zoo is located 6km outside of Kampot and has some interesting and characterful animals as well as a great selection of Cambodian statues. Read more about Teuk Chhou Zoo