From the bus station

From Kampot bus and taxi station to Rikitikitavi
From Kampot bus & taxi station (A) to Rikitikitavi (B)

From Kep

From Kep to Kampot
From Kep (A) to Kampot (B)

From Phnom Penh

From Phnom Penh to Kampot
From Phnom Penh (A) to Kampot (B)

Rikitikitavi is at walking distance (about 7 minutes) from the bus station in Kampot. People arriving by bus or shared taxi accompanied by heavy luggage might want to opt for a tuktuk (about $1.00 during daylight, more after dark) or a motodop ($0.50).

From the bus/taxi station, travel east along the public gardens towards the river. At the riverside road, turn left and continue walking south for two blocks. Rikitikitavi is at the corner of the third block.

1 kilometer, about 7 minutes by foot

Find out where we are on our printable, detailed map of Kampot town:

Kampot map in colour Kampot map in black & white

When traveling from Kep, head north on road 33A for about 8km. You will get to Sessor, most remarkable for the large white horse statue at the t-crossing. Turn left onto road 33 for about 15km. When entering Kampot, continue driving to the Cambodia-Vietnam Friendship Monument. From here, take the north-west road towards the salt workers roundabout, where you take the road to the west. Continue on this road until you reach the riverside road. Turn right, and you will see the Kampot post office. Rikitikitavi is located next to the post office.

25 kilometers, about 45 minutes

Transport from Kep to Kampot

Travel east out of town via Russian Boulevard (Confederation de la Russie). Drive past Pochentong Airport. Go straight at the roundabout onto National Road 3. Follow this road. When you reach the fork in the road after about 82km, veer right, continuing on National Road 3. Follow until you are in Kampot. Go straight at the Durian roundabout, turn right at the 2000 monument and a left as you reach the riverside road. Rikitikitavi is on the next block on your left-hand side.

148 kilometers, about 3 hours

Transport from Phnom Penh to Kampot

From Sihanoukville

From Sihanoukville (Kampong Som) to Kampot
From Sihanoukville (Kampong Som) (A) to Kampot (B)

From Koh Kong

From Koh Kong to Kampot
From Koh Kong (A) to Kampot (B)

From Phu Quoc

From Phu Quoc (Vietnam) to Kampot
From Phu Quoc (Vietnam) (A) to Kampot (B)

From Sihanoukville, travel north on National Route 4 to Veal Rinh (43km). Turn east on Route 3 to Kampot. Route 3 and 4 are both paved but in pretty bad shape here and there.

You will most likely arrive in Kampot by crossing the ‘new bridge’. Directly after crossing the bridge, take a right turn onto the riverside road. You will pass the referral hospital on the left and the ‘old bridge’ on the right. After the old bridge, continue going straight on the riverside road for four blocks. Rikitikitavi is on the corner of the fifth block.

110 kilometers, about 1.5 2 hours

Transport from Sihanoukville to Kampot

If you would like to travel from Koh Kong to Kampot, head southeast and drive through the Cardamom Mountains and drive the entire length of the now completed Road 48 (170km, last town is Kaaong). At the T-junction with road 4 from Phnom Penh head south and continue for about 42km. At Veal Rinh, turn left onto road 3. Follow road 3 for about 53km and you are in Kampot. See left for the remainder of the instructions on how to get to Rikitikitavi. Beautiful drive.

265 kilometers, about 4 hours

Transport from Koh Kong to Kampot

So close, yet so far – or at least until the port in Kep opens and international travel between Phu Quoc and Kep becomes a possibility. For now, one needs to take the ferry from Phu Quoc to either Ha Tien or Rach Gia. Travel to to the Ha Tien/Xa Xia border crossing. From here you can continue your trip along road 33 via Kampong Trach to Kampot. Follow the directions from Kep to Kampot, starting at Sessor (white horse statue) where you turn a right onto road 33. The road is a bit rough in places.

About 300km, roughly 6 hours. Travel distance and duration vary greatly depending on chosen route and transport.