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About us

While living in Phnom Penh in 2004, we, Dom (UK) and Denise (NL), had the ambition to start a bed and breakfast and restaurant somewhere in Cambodia. We were after a quiet, water fronted property, and a very good friend of ours suggested Kampot, in the South of Cambodia.

Dom ventured out to the promised tranquil town and grew an instant liking to Kampot. An ideal property was found directly on the riverside road, the views being the icing on the cake. The property, with its varied history of having once been a wood barn, rice barn, theater and home to the former governor of Kampot, could certainly be transformed into a charming guesthouse.

With the pieces of the puzzle falling so nicely into place, Dom and myself made the move to Kampot in 2005, and started planning, renovating, testing and educating.

We finally opened the doors of Rikitikitavi (the name was inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s short story Rikki~Tikki~Tavi) in October 2006 with a small, but dedicated team of young and enthusiastic Cambodians. Meanwhile, the team has grown to over 20 fun-loving and devoted employees.

From the very beginning, our aim has been to provide our guests high quality products, the best of Cambodian hospitality and services, as well as providing the local community employment and ongoing, intensive education.

We wish for everyone to enjoy their stay in this charming part of the world as much as we love being here, and are more than happy to advise you on how to get the most out of your stay.

Dom, Denise and the Riki team