Rabbit Island (Koh Tunsay)

This small tropical island is located in the Gulf of Thailand, about 4.6km south of Kep.
The Khmer name for the island is Koh Tunsay (កោះទន្សាយ), which translates as Rabbit Island.

Getting there

Local wooden slow boats leave the Kep boat dock throughout the day at 9.00 am and at 13.00 pm. The latest boat leaves Rabbit Island at 15.00 pm.
Private boats cost about US$20 US$25 for the return trip (maximum 10 passengers), single tickets cost around US$7 US$8 for the return trip. You may return on the same day or a day or so later.
The trip takes anywhere between 20 and 40 minutes, depending on weather and water conditions.

See further down this post for combination tours or how to travel to Kep.

Kep to Rabbit Island map
Kep to Rabbit Island map

The Island

The main beach on the west side of the island is a crescent shaped 250 meter long white sand beach. This is the beach that you will be dropped of by boat, and the only beach with facilities.
The palm and other trees dot the beach, so there is plenty of shade. The island is hilly and covered with coconut palms and dense jungle.


The beach on the west side of the island is excellent for swimming – the water is clear and warm and the beach gently slopes into the water.
Some guesthouses now offer snorkels and masks for hire in case you’d like to explore under water. Some colourful fish can be seen, but there is a lack of coral. The best spot to snorkel is around the rocky side of the beach.


It is possible to walk the perimeter of the island, a trip that it said to take about 3 hours. You will pass some beaches and mangroves on the way. There are insects around, so do cover yourself or spray yourself with anti-bug spray.

Rabbit Island
Rabbit Island


The basic beach shack restaurants on the main beach offer a range of super fresh seafood (your waiter will walk into the water to take out your order) and traveler’s favourites as banana pancakes, fried rice and soups.


If you are tempted to stay on the island, there are a number of basic thatch huts available for rent which are all US$10 or less per night.
The huts are equipped with foam mattresses and are barely furnished. There is choice of bungalows with or without en-suite. The en-suite bathrooms offer cold water only, some are with a shower head, most are with ‘bucket shower’. Flushing toilets is also done with buckets. It’s rudimentary, but that is the price of staying on a pleasantly unspoilt and undeveloped tropical island. There is no doubt the island will be developed in time, so enjoy the serenity while it lasts.

huts on Rabbit Island
huts on Rabbit Island

Since there is no electric on the island, the restaurants run generators which are switched off as soon as the last guests leave. In case you are planning to stay overnight, do bring a torch with you.

Please be aware that we are only able to organise tours and accommodation for our in-room guests.

Other services

Some restaurants may have a book swap service. There is mobile phone signal, but don’t expect internet facilities.

After dark

As there is no light pollution after the generators are switched off, there is some wonderful star gazing to be done.

Do have a dip in the ocean after dark, or at least wriggle your toes in the water, as the phosphorescence can be truly amazing. Your own underwater light show!

Good to know

The locals speak only basic English, so please patient and help them by speaking slowly, enunciating clearly and pointing at a menu where possible.

On weekends and public holidays, local day trippers may stop off for a couple of hours, take lots of photos and leave an enormous amount of rubbish. I feel sorry for the local business owners, who get the blame for the mess, while not having earned a single riel from the visit.

Once in a while, apparently, the island turns into a Khmer disco and karaoke venue. If it is tranquility you are after, check with the guesthouse or restaurant owners if there will be a party that night.

The island houses about 7 families and their packs of dogs, cows and chickens. The cockerel, as any true Cambodian cockerel, will have its alarm set at an inconvenient hour.

Private Tours

Tuktuk countryside tour & Rabbit Island

A private tuktuk with English speaking driver takes you from Kampot to the salt fields, a cave temple, a fishing village, a pepper plantation, to Kep and to Rabbit Island.
This is a full day trip, at a current rate of US$25 per tuktuk, which includes the transport and guide, but excludes the fee for the cave temple (US$1 per person) and the cost of the boat hire.

By private motorbike

Rent a motorbike and drive to Kep independently, take the boat from there.
The rental rate for a motorbike is US$5 per 24-hour period. Cheaper motorbikes are available, but not recommended. This rate includes the motorbike and the use of a helmet, but excludes petrol.

Group Tour

Countryside & Rabbit Island

You visit the salt fields, a cave temple, a fishing village, a pepper plantation and Rabbit Island. The tour cost of US$17 per person includes transport by minivan and boat to Rabbit Island, guide and drinking water.
This is a full day programme that leaves at 8:30am.

Straight to Rabbit Island

The prices below are for the transport only, the cost of the boat ride is not included.
By bus: US$ 3.00 (one way per person)
By private tuktuk: US$20 (same day return for the tuktuk)
By private taxi: US$30 (same day return for the taxi)

* We organise all tours and transport for our in-house guests without charging commission.

by Rikitikitavi


  1. Thien An said on 8 July, 2013

    Greetings from Saigon,

    I’m Thien An. My friends and I are planning to visit Kampot and Rabbit Island at the end of July. I have some concerns abot the trip and I hope you could help me.

    From Kampot, if we want to go to Rabbit island, we have to go to Kep then travel to Rabbit island by boat right?

    How long does it take to travel from Rikitikitavi hotel to Kep by tuk tuk? Does it cost US$20 for tuk tuk same day return? Do you have tuk tuk schedule?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    All the best,


    • Rikitikitavi

      Rikitikitavi said on 12 July, 2013

      Dear An,

      Thank you for your kind message.

      The best way to travel from Kampot to Rabbit Island is indeed by tuktuk from Kampot to Kep and then from Kep to Rabbit Island by boat.

      The trip from Kampot to Kep takes about 45 minutes by tuktuk. The return price (same day return) is about US$20, but you might be able to get it a bit cheaper – it depends if you want to see some sights on the way and on the level of English spoken by the driver.

      Tuktuks do not have a schedule; you hire them privately, so you decide what time you would like to leave and what time you would like to return.

      I hope this helps,

      Best regards,


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