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Bokor church

Bokor Hill Station and National Park

Set in Preah Monivong National Park (colloquially known as Bokor National Park), at 37km from Kampot, you’ll find Bokor Hill Station. Bokor Hill Station is a mountaintop collection of buildings (hotel & casino, church, royal residence and more), constructed by French authorities in the early 1920s … more about Bokor

Boatman Bart trip

Boat Trips

Enjoy amazing sunsets and beautiful scenery, watch colourful fishing boats and birdlife and have a dip in the river – sit back and relax on one of Kampot’s boat cruises. Learn about boat trips

Buddhist Library Dental Aid Project in Kampot

Your Aid Dental Aid Project

After the Pol Pot regime, Cambodia was practically without dentist. In 2009, Dr. Cecilia So shook hands with Paget Sayers from the Buddhist Library (YourAid) and vowed to improve the situation. Would you like to help?

Rabbit Island

Rabbit Island (Koh Tunsay)

This small tropical island is located in the Gulf of Thailand, about 4.6km south of Kep. The Khmer name for the island is Koh Tunsay (កោះទន្សាយ), which translates as Rabbit Island.
read all about Rabbit Island


Transport from Kep to Kampot

Arguably the most charming trip in Cambodia, Major Road 33’s partially rundown tarmac meanders through photogenic countryside, villages, rice paddies and karst limestone cliffs dotted in the background. It takes 45 minutes or … transport from Kep

ChildSafe Cambodia


When traveling to Cambodia it is easy to become overwhelmed by the situation of children. How to take action, while avoiding situations or actions that may lead to child exploitation. Certain ‘tourist attractions’ such as orphanage tours exploit children’s vulnerabilities. Read advise on visiting orphanages


Transport from Koh Kong to Kampot

The 265km drive from Koh Kong to Kampot is a particularly pleasant one, the newly paved road 48 (a bit patchy in places) curves through the Cardamom mountain range and its lush rainforest. All bridges along this… transport from Koh Kong

overloaded minivan

Transport from Sihanoukville to Kampot

The coastal town of Sihanoukville (or Kampong Sohm in Khmer language) is relatively close to Kampot. The 110 km distance is usually covered in about 2 hours, although more if you decide to travel by shared taxi or minivan. transport from Sihanoukville

Kampot map detail 2013

Kampot current maps

To help you find your way in current Kampot and its surroundings, we have created a full colour A4 map especially for our guests. Have a look at these great maps of Kampot.

Kampot in 1974

The Battle of Kampot

The Cambodian government troops battled the Khmer Rouge guerrillas for the control of Kampot city in 1974. As was as this battle being part of the Cambodian Civil War, it was also a major battle of the Vietnam war. Read more about the Battle of Kampot.