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Cambodian visa stamp


When traveling to Cambodia, a visa to the country is a requirement. Learn about the various ways of obtaining such a visa, as well as cost, validity and requirements. Tell me all about it

Diseases & vaccinations for Cambodia

Disease & Vaccinations

No vaccinations are officially required for entry to Cambodia, although some are encouraged. Whether mosquito-, food-, water- or bodily fluid-borne: read more about diseases and vaccinations for Cambodia

Health advise for Cambodia

Basic health advise for Cambodia

There are a number of health risks that may cross your path in Cambodia. Prevention is better than the cure, and with some advance knowledge you can reduce health and safety risks. Learn more about basic health advise for Cambodia

Damaged US dollar notes

Damaged US dollar notes may not be accepted in Cambodia. Check carefully when accepting bank notes. Unlike in Burma, where only pristine notes are accepted, here in Cambodia they need to be in a good or pristine state. learn more about damaged dollars

power lines


Details on the electricity in Cambodia, including electrical system, plugs, outlets, adapters and power cuts. electricity in Cambodia