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We have written various articles to give you an insight into Cambodian history and current affairs.

Kampot map detail 2013

Kampot current maps

To help you find your way in current Kampot and its surroundings, we have created a full colour A4 map especially for our guests. Have a look at these great maps of Kampot.

Kampot in 1974

The Battle of Kampot

The Cambodian government troops battled the Khmer Rouge guerrillas for the control of Kampot city in 1974. As was as this battle being part of the Cambodian Civil War, it was also a major battle of the Vietnam war. Read more about the Battle of Kampot.

18th century map of Kampot

Kampot historical maps

Over the last couple of years, a number of old maps of Kampot have appeared on the internet. Here is a nice selection of them.

Khmer lady

The people of Cambodia

Despite their recent tragic history, the Khmer are a welcoming and cheery bunch. They love striking up conversations and find out all about you. It’s time to find out a bit more about them…