The internet is rapidly gaining ground in Cambodia. Especially the middle- and upper class Cambodians under 30s are adopting fast, largely due to the popularity of smart phones in this group.
CIA 2010 data reveals that there are no less than 13,768 internet hosts active in the country, with just 78,500 internet users (data 2009), where Unicef figures mention one in 100 Cambodian use the internet (2010).

The internet country code for Cambodia is ‘’.

Where a couple of years ago you would just find some internet cafes dotted around cities and towns, these are now around in abundance. Rates are low, with an average of 2000 to 4000 per hour (US$0.50 to US$1). Internet speeds are usually pretty OK unless you get of the beaten track, where hourly rates are usually a bit steeper. Don’t be surprised when you bump into a monk catching up with his online chores.

Most tourist hotels, guesthouses and restaurant now offer free Wifi, although some upmarket venues charge up to US$5 per hour for the service. 3G networks have been implemented in the larger towns.

An estimated 500.000 Khmers have joined the popular social networking site Facebook. Twitter has also been taken on board by some, and some Cambodian blogs have started appearing.

Cambodia’s popular bloggers are Tharum (technological) and Sopheap Chak (social political).

by Rikitikitavi

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