Cambodia’s country dialing code is 855.

How to call to Cambodia

Dial +855 followed by the telephone number, but drop the first 0 of the telephone number. Take for example this number: 012 345678 within Cambodia. If you call from abroad, dial +855 12 345678.

How to call from Cambodia

Domestic phone calls

Phone calls within Cambodia (mobile or landline) are best made at the little phone booths dotted around in midsize towns. These little outlets offer their mobile phone at fixed rates painted on a little phone booth or on a pillar.
Due to the lack of coins in Cambodia, there are no coin-operated telephones.

Cambodian mobile phone shop
Cambodian mobile phone shop

International phone calls

Your best bet for international phone calls is at internet cafes, where you can call cheaply via an internet connection. Some hotels offer in-room calling services, usually at an average of around US$3 per minute.

Your own mobile phone

Be aware of roaming costs on your day-to-day phone contract. You might want to consider purchasing a SIM-card within Cambodia. Your phone needs to be SIM-lock free for this exercise. If not, purchase a cheap-and-cheerful Nokia for well under US$30. Some companies offer cheap overseas rates, others are better value when calling locally. The SIM cards themselves are free or very cheap, you merely pay for the credit.
SIM cards are available at Phnom Penh Pochentong Airpot.
Before you leave the shop, ask how to check your balance, how to top up your balance and if there are any special ‘pre-dials’ for cheaper international calls.

Beeline Mobitel Smart Metfone qb
Some Cambodian mobile network providers

Telephone book

There is no Cambodian telephone directory at this moment, but there is the Cambodian Yellow Pages for business numbers.

Area Codes for fixed telephones

023 ******
024 ******
025 ******
026 ******
032 ******
033 ******
034 ******
035 ******
036 ******
042 ******
043 ******
044 ******
052 ******
053 ******
054 ******
062 ******
063 ******
072 ******
073 ******
074 ******
075 ******
Phnom Penh
Kampong Speu
Kampong Chhnang
Koh Kong
Kampong Cham
Prey Veng
Svay Rieng
Kampong Thom
Siem Reap
Stung Treng

Main telephone lines in use

530,000 (2011)
Fixed-line connections stand at about 3 per 100 persons.
As a comparison, this number was just 36,400 main telephone lines in 2003.

Mobile telephones in use

10 million (2011)
Mobile phone connections stand at about 65 per 100 persons
A hefty 1000% up from only six years before: in 2005 Cambodia counted no further than 1.062 million mobile phones.
It might be worth knowing that a great number of Khmers have 2 or more mobile phones; you might see your taxi driver juggling with 3 or 4 phones. Competition among service providers increases mobile phone usage rapidly.

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