Transport from Koh Kong to Kampot

The 265km drive from Koh Kong to Kampot is a particularly pleasant one, the newly paved road 48 (a bit patchy in places) curves through the Cardamom mountain range and its lush rainforest. All bridges along this stretch have now been repaired or newly constructed, cutting the travel time from roughly 8 hours to about 4 hours. When turning to National Road 4, the road is lined with palm oil plantations. The last part of the trip is east on National Road 3, where you will see the Domrai mountain range on the left and the ocean is to your right. There are a couple of photogenic fishing villages along this road.

Koh Kong to Kampot by taxi

Private taxi

Ask your accommodation in Koh Kong to arrange your transport for you. There are not many taxis that travel between Koh Kong and Kampot (and vice versa), and as like all taxi rides that do not travel either to or from Phnom Penh, the prices are steeper. We are currently being quoted between US$70 and US$120 for the trip as chances of a return trip for the taxi driver are low. The trip takes about 4 hours. Driving at night is not recommended.
If you would like to travel between the Trat/Koh Kong border crossing and Kampot, ask for Mr. Baan on the Cambodian side of the border. He is kind man and owns a good taxi. Mr. Baan can be contacted on (+855) 12 622 776 or (+855) 97 2544 888.

Koh Kong to Kampot by bus

With bus company Virak Buntham’s service between Kampot and Koh Kong (temporarily?) being disrupted, there is no public transport between these two places. There is however still a bus service between Koh Kong and Sihanoukville. You would have to hop off the bus at the town of Veal Rinh, which is at the T-junction where National Road 4 and National Road 3 meet. Onward private or shared taxis can be found along the road, although the majority will travel between Veal Rinh and Sihanoukville – make sure you are on the correct one.

Koh Kong to Kampot by minivan

Thereโ€™s a daily minibus from Kampot to Koh Kong costing $8-$14 (depends where you buy it). Ask at the bus station. It leaves 8:30 and arrives 12:30. This is a shared local minivan.

For a comprehensive report on what to expect from a typical minivan trip, please read Tristan’s blog post.

Arranging your transport

As a rule of thumb, your accommodation in Cambodia should be able to arrange any onward transport. Please be aware that the information above is purely meant as a guide.
We keep our web posts as up to date as possible, but we apologise and hope for your understanding that we are unable to answer all questions we receive regarding transport.
It goes without saying that we are more than happy to assist our in-house guests arranging their onward transport to Koh Kong as well as arranging private taxi pick ups from the Koh Kong/Trat border crossing.

(The prices on this page are used as indications only and may vary)

by Rikitikitavi


  1. Magzs said on 3 February, 2013

    Hi Furst of all thank you for such an informative website.
    We are planning a trip at the end of the year and are looking at travelling from Kampot (hopefully staying with you first as recommended by our son – phil norah july 2011) and going on by bus to Koh Kong. Is this easy to do, does the bus now go from Kampot all the way or is it necessary to pick up the bus from Sihanoukville? Is this easy to do and how to we book it – can you book it for us?
    Looking forward to hearing from you and staying as well. Thanks – Magzs

    • Rikitikitavi

      Rikitikitavi said on 4 February, 2013

      Hi Magzs,

      Wonderful to hear you will be visiting Kampot later this year – please send our regards to your son, and thank him for recommending us ๐Ÿ™‚

      I am afraid the transport options between Kampot and Koh Kong have not improved since May last year – but in case there are any changes, I will update this post.

      We currently just organise private taxis to Koh Kong. We have stopped organising the trip by bus with stopover due to too many problems.

      Fingers crossed for a new bus service soon!

  2. John Batiste said on 8 February, 2013

    There’s a daily minibus from Kampot to Koh Kong costing $8-$14 (depends where you buy it). Ask at the bus station. It leaves 8:30 and arrives 12:30.

    • Rikitikitavi

      Rikitikitavi said on 18 March, 2013

      Thank you John for the additional information! Does this minivan take you to Koh Kong town or will they drop people of at the border?