It is hard not to get touched seeing the situation of Cambodian children. Poverty and social issues are very visible and often travelers are moved to take action and want to contribute in a meaningful way. It is understandable that the international community wishes to take action. With the popularity of visiting or volunteering at an orphanage in Cambodia, we recommend reading deeper into the subject. How you can contribute positively?

ChildSafe’s extensive Think before visiting campaign on visiting orphanages explains the dangers, answers questions and gives useful tips.

They have dedicated a page on Orphanage Tourism questions and answers, such as “how do I harm children by visiting an orphanage” and set of questions to help you evaluate the intentions of orphanages.

Children are not tourist attractions
ChildSafe’s Campaign: Children are not tourist attractions

For any questions regarding orphanages, please contact ChildSafe directly.

by Rikitikitavi

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